One of the main objectives of people trying to get ahead in work and in life is learning a second language. It´s a fact that English is one of the languages that is most required in the working sphere, some even call it the language in which business is made by default. English is #3 amongst the most spoken languages in the world (around 360 million native speakers and 500 million that speak it as a second language), only behind Spanish, which is #2, and Chinese #1. This is why English is an official language of business, travel and international relations, and one of the official languages in the UN. Even though learning English proves to be a challenge for some it´s well worth trying and an ideal place to learn is a country where English is the native tongue.

Many schools in the USA offer English courses for people of all ages who want to dominate the English language. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that you need a special visa to study in the USA, according to US immigration law. But this shouldn´t be an obstacle for you since our experts will guide you through the student visa procedure.

There are two types of visas you can apply to for studying in the United States and in this text we will focus on the F visa. The F visa is used specifically for academic courses, so if you access the USA with this visa you must study the language course you said you would. You should also keep on mind that with this visa you can only stay in the USA for the precise time the course lasts.

Breaching the established time, working in the country or doing any activity that you get paid for could be considered a violation. You could be deported for these actions or your visa could be canceled, so it´s best to follow the rules by the book. If this is you, and you´re thinking of learning English in the USA, you must first follow a series of steps to get it.

The first step is to apply and eventually to be accepted in a school in the USA that teaches the course you need. There are colleges, universities and other institutions that offer all kinds of courses. Once the school approves your application they should send you the SEVIS 1-20A-B form. It´s very important they send this form that certifies your data and the schools. Then you must schedule an appointment in a US Embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

The day of the interview you should bring the I-20 form, which was previously sent by the institution. The form must be all filled out and signed by both parties (yourself and a representative from the institution). Also bring the following documents to the Embassy: valid passport, complete DS-160 form, payment receipt (the F visa is $160), SEVIS receipt (F,M, and J visa applicants must pay a SEVIS fee and bring an electronic receipt or an I-797 receipt to the interview, which the educational institution provides). You should also deliver proof that you have the economic capability of paying for the first year of the course. If you have children or a partner, they can come with you if you apply for an F-2 visa. Remember, you can never be too prepared and learning English is a must these days. Contact us at Visa USA Now ( and take a leap forward in your career.

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