Although hundreds of thousands of people get visas and green cards each year to enter and live in the United States, in some cases applications may be rejected on the grounds of inadmissibility.

The United States can deny any foreigner entry to the country for one or several causes, and consider a person "inadmissible.” Immigration authorities must verify that the citizen does not pose a danger to society due to his or her state of health, financial affairs, security, violation of immigration laws or criminal motives.

There are more than 20 reasons why a citizen can be considered "inadmissible" to obtain a green card in the country:

• To suffer certain types of contagious diseases or to lack certain vaccines.
• Suffering from physical or mental illnesses in such a way that can cause harm to yourself or others.
• Alcoholism
• Being a drug addict or being convicted of violating any law that regulates illegal drugs, whether in the United States or any other country in the world.
• Being a drug dealer or participating in that type of crime in any way.
• Being a spouse or children of a drug trafficker, if they have received money from drug trafficking in the last five years.
• Having been convicted of an immoral offense.
• Having two or more crimes with a sentence of five years or more.
• Having been convicted of an aggravated felony.
• Exercising or having practiced prostitution or requesting the services of a prostitute (or, if applicable, the male version). This applies for ten years.
• Pretending to obtain immunity not to be processed in the US for crime and thus getting out of the country.
• Having carried out activities that compromise the security of the United States.
• Having committed or conspired to commit a human trafficking offense. Or being the spouse or child of such a person, only if they have benefited from that crime in the last five years.

Motives for which you could lose your visa or your permanent residence or 'green card.'

• Performing or carrying out espionage work or participating in an attempt to overthrow the United States government.
• Performing any terrorist activity.
• Membership in a totalitarian party, in the communist or the Nazi party.
• Participating or having participated in genocide.
• Being a public charge or when there´s a high probability of being one in the future.

• Having participated in money laundering in any way or attempting to enter the US to develop such criminal activity.
• Being a doctor or health worker who lacks the proper qualification or certification.
• To be in the United States already have entered the country illegally crossing the border. Meaning, there was no immigration control at a land office, at a port or an airport, and therefore no immigration officer admitted or granted parole to the foreigner who is now applying for the green card.
• Failure to appear in court when summoned during a deportation process • Using a false identification document.
• Falsely asserting that you are a citizen of the United States.
• Having reached the US as a runaway.
• To have violated the conditions of a student visa.

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