Marco Espitia is 30 years old, last November he arrived right on time at the US Embassy to request his visa. He told us he was very nervous since it was the first time he had gone through a procedure like this.

“I was pretty stressed since the whole process is prolonged, starting from the moment you enter the Embassy up until the time of the interview with the consul. Even though I was nervous at first, I had to calm my nerves to answer with security, at the moment of the interview”, said Marco, who works in a law firm in Liberia, one of Costa Rica´s main cities.

He doesn´t remember how many questions the consul asked him, but he believes around 4 minutes went by until he heard those sweet words: Your visa was approved”.

But Marco isn´t the only Costa Rican or “tico,” as they called, that has had a positive outcome regarding their visa application to the United States of America. According to official figures provided by the US Embassy in Costa Rica, 93,5% of Costa Ricans who requested a US visa between October 2017 and September 2018, received a positive response. The first place was conquered by Argentina, with a 98.21% approval rate, while Uruguay is second with 96.81%.

Meanwhile, the last place is shared between Western Sahara and Micronesia, since not one single visa application from those territories had a positive outcome, in the period mentioned above of time.

According to US authorities in San Jose, Costa Rican citizens have proven to be formidable travelers. “Every country has its circumstances, and approval rates are very relative to what is going on in every country. I believe Costa Rica has a good record because of the way they travel, also because they travel to the US often, among other locations” said a spokesperson from the US Embassy from Costa Rica. “People have good jobs over here, if they say they´re going for a specific period, it´s because that´s what they plan to do. They have stable jobs and plenty of working opportunities right here in Costa Rica, which they don´t have to look for in a foreign country”.

Nevertheless, our source in the Costa Rican Embassy also mentioned that if the candidate lies at any given time during the application process, his or her chances to get the tourist visa approved reduce. A person that lies on a visa application to the US could get their permission rejected, even for an extended time.

“The fact that some get their visa approved and other don´t is due to many reasons. There are many things an Embassy official looks at, before granting or denying a visa application, so there are no precise formulas in this process. The most important thing is being honest. A person that gets no for an answer, regarding a visa application, can always request a tourist visa again, once their conditions have changed, but someone who lies gets flagged at once”. Contact us at, and we´ll make sure your visa application gets approved swiftly!

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