Citizens or residents of Lebanon must apply for a B1 / B2 visa if they wish to visit the United States for tourism or business reasons. In Visa USA Now we facilitate your application process and you will receive a confirmation in just 18 hours. We even help you manage and prepare for the interview at the US embassy in Beirut. To apply for your US visa from Lebanon you need:

A valid Passport

You cannot start the visa process if you do not have a valid passport. The document must be valid for at least 6 months from the moment you intend to leave the United States.

Digital photography

You need to include it during the application process. Make sure you follow all photography recommendations strictly.

Travel itinerary

This requirement does not apply to travelers who have no plans to stay in the United States.

Dates of previous trips to the United States

This does not apply if it is your first trip to the United States.

Additional Information

Depending on the purpose of your trip, authorities may ask you to provide other documents. It is better that you have all the documents related to your trips at hand.


Visa USA Now will send you the confirmation page by email, so you need to give us a valid email address. Remember to print this document once you receive it.

Payment method

You must be able to provide a credit or debit card, among other payment methods, to start your US visa procedure.

Travel history

Individuals who have been in locations under the control of terrorist organizations will also have to provide precise details about their stay in those countries. These standards let the State Department decide if the applicant is in condition to obtain a visa to the US or not. It´s important to note that neither race nor religion will be considered in evaluations and that these measures will affect 1% of the 13 million visa applicants in the world.

The State Department explained in a newsletter that not providing the information required would not result in an immediate refusal of your application if the consular official considers that the applicant has significant motives not to comply.

On the other hand, in the past, those who lost the visa by expiration could carry out the process without an interview up to 48 months after the expiration. It can now be carried out up to 12 months after expiration. That means that the volume of interviews and appointments has increased. So embassies ask those who are interested in getting a visa to begin their process with the greatest anticipation possible.

Despite the exceptions in the interview process, consular agents will always have the authority to request it in case there is any concern about the paperwork. Or the background of the person requesting the visa. Each visa application, even those exempt from the interview, are subject to a rigorous security check. The embassy can reject any application. Especially if a petitioner is not eligible under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

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