The United States embassy in Caracas recently informed that they would be scheduling new appointments for people who wished to obtain a visa document for the first time. According to a newsletter sent by the embassy, they would start issuing Business or Tourism visas again, starting January 17, 2018. Embassy officials explained that the embassy fee can be paid through the website, and the interview can also be scheduled through it.

The text mentions a few words from Todd Robinson, head of US Business in Venezuela, the highest diplomatic representation of the US in the South American country. Mr.Robinson explores the possibility of "resuming full services for visa applications in Venezuela" in the future. The diplomat also said the measure would help support legitimate travel to this country. "The US is full of friendly faces, natural wonders, shopping, technology, and sports that both people love, like baseball. When Venezuelans travel legitimately to the United States, we strengthen ties between both countries" alleged the envoy.

Today there is a high demand for visa appointments in the country, authorities recommend avoiding the purchase of non-refundable tickets to travel to the US. At least not until they have obtained the visa, since waiting times for interviews may be longer than usual. All visa applications are granted in accordance with US law.

Mr. Robinson also informs that in order to receive the approval of a temporary business or tourist visa, applicants must demonstrate during the interview "that they have strong ties with their country of residence and that there is a clear intention to return home after the temporary visit to the US. Professional, educational, economic, family and social ties with Venezuela, can all be considered strong ties to the country of residence”.

In May 2016, the US embassy in Venezuela canceled new appointments for granting business and tourist visas. The US alleged they had a lack of personnel, due to the refusal by Venezuelan authorities to issue permits for their personnel. They had also informed that requests for appointments for investor visas, students visas, or other types of visas would have "waiting times (...) higher than previously known."

The relationship between the US government and Venezuela has had ups and downs for nearly a decade. Caracas has stated on several occasions that coups d'état are being promoted in Washington and that the opposition to the Bolivarian Government is financed by the US in order to destabilize the country.

The current US president, Donald Trump, described his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro, last August as "dictator", and a series of economic sanctions against the Venezuelan government were approved under his administration.

Despite this diplomatic tension, the US Embassy in Caracas recently published two recommendations for obtaining the visa through their Twitter account, noting that the approval of the procedure "is not a matter of luck".

In the post, they indicate that obtaining a visa, again, is not a matter of luck, which is why the interested party must be prepared to answer questions related to their travel plan. "Beyond your economic solvency, our consular officers evaluate every factor to determine if you qualify for the visa or not. Economic stability is just one among many elements that we examine, "the embassy said in the social network.

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