The DS-160 form is an essential document that all citizens of the Dominican Republic must complete in order to apply for a US visa. If you are traveling with children, they also have to fill out the DS-160 form. Through the United States Embassy you can access the DS-160 form and complete it online. This document will not be valid if it is completed by typewriter or by hand. At the end of the process, you must sign it electronically to confirm the truthfulness and accuracy of the information stated.

Once you have completed the DS-160 form online, you must print it if you want to submit it to the embassy. At the end of the form you will find a barcode with a number that´s necessary to schedule an appointment at the embassy. This means you can´t lose this document under any circumstances. You cannot travel to the United States without a visa, so this form is absolutely necessary. This is the first step in the process of applying for your visa. It´s very important to have clarity about what visa you are going to apply for before you start filling out the DS-160 form.

Directions for completing the DS-160 form

Before completing your DS-160 form there are a number of indications that you have to consider to complete the document properly and get the US visa, to travel to the United States:

  • At the beginning of the DS-160 form, you must select the address of the Visa Attention Center where you will have the interview later; you can´t change it in the middle of the process.
  • You must attach a photograph to the DS-160 form. The photograph must have the following specific conditions: it should have been taken in the last 6 months, it should also have white background, you must look at the camera with neutral gesture and with your eyes open, measurements should be 35mm x 22mm and the image has to be in color.
  • You have to answer all the questions in English. This means that you can only use characters from the English alphabet and you cannot use tildes (accentuation marks) or ñ, typical of the Spanish alphabet.
  • Your computer session will expire if you stop working on the DS-160 form for more than 20 minutes. You will have to start from the beginning if you have not registered the Application Identification number or if you have not saved your application in a file on your computer.
  • When you complete the form, you will be presented with a confirmation page with a barcode to print, as explained above. You must submit the printed confirmation during the interview in the embassy.
  • After printing the confirmation, click on the "Return" key of your browser and send a copy of the DS-160 form to your email account.

With all this information and directions, you can successfully complete the DS-160 form to begin your US visa process and afterwards enjoy your stay in the United States.

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