It´s important that you´re prepared to complete the DS-160 form. Before entering the website to fill out the application, it´s important that you have some information ready including:

  • The valid passport of each applicant
  • Previous passports that include data from previous trips (to the United States or to other countries)
  • In case you already had a US visa, you should provide the corresponding documents
  • Information about the parents of each applicant (even if the parents are deceased) their dates and places of birth
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of relatives in the United States.
  • Information about where you´ll be staying in the United States (name, address, telephone number of the hotel or contact where you will be staying)

What should I keep in mind when completing the DS-160 form?

It´s crucial to respond clearly and completely, with accurate and honest information. Answering "not applicable" is not acceptable if you don´t answer the question (for example, answering "not applicable" to the question "child's name" (if you have children) would not be sufficient and would cause delays in the procedure.

If the answers on the form are not complete and accurate the applicant will face delays on the day of the interview. The applicant will need to complete a new application and return another day. If the applicant doesn´t answer every question that has a direct relation to their cases, their request may be rejected. Keep in mind that in every application you need to prove strong economic and social ties outside the United States.

Are there any questions in Spanish? Can my answers be in Spanish?

No, but you can look for the help of a professional translator or use a digital translator.

All the answers to your DS-160 form must be in English, using characters in English only. DS-160 forms that are answered in any other language other than English may be rejected so you may need to complete the entire process again.

What happens if I need to fill out information in my native language?

Although the form should be answered in English and you need to use English characters, you must use data in your native language when the DS-160 form asks to provide your address, your full name or any information in your native alphabet.

It should be noted that letters such as ñ, é, ü etc., are not recognized by the system. For example, names like Peñalosa and González, should be written Penalosa, and Gonzalez.

Are all the fields of the DS-160 format mandatory?

The vast majority of fields in the DS-160 format are required. You can leave empty only the fields that say "Optional". Some fields can also be filled with the "does not apply" option. If the information of any field isn´t applicable in your case, you may check the box "does not apply". The rest of the fields must be completed; the digital application won´t let you advance in the process if the boxes marked as mandatory are empty. In this case, an error message will be displayed on your computer screen and you must answer those fields to continue with the next questions. If you do not answer questions that apply to you, your request could be rejected.

Should I save my application before sending it?

Yes, unlike the old DS-156 form, the DS-160 form lets you save the information in order to be reused. Save as often as possible. If for any reason, the internet connection is interrupted during the process, you can re-enter the site and recover the information already loaded without having to start from scratch. We also recommend you save the application yourself, on your computer. So fill out the form and get started on your visa procedure right away!

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