This year the requirements for getting a visa to the United States got a bit tougher. The Donald Trump administration announced that those measures included citizens from all over the world, including citizens of Colombia.

Now an interview is mandatory for almost every procedure, and the term in which a person with an expired visa can renew it has shortened. These measures which were ordered through embassies worldwide. Nevertheless, these are relatively soft measures that every country is entitled to do to protect their borders. There are certain steps you can follow so that your visa procedure is a success.

Keep in mind that luck has nothing to do with how your procedure will turn out. Consular officials make their decision based solely on the law, regulations, and policies from the US State Department. It´s important that you strictly follow the instructions based on the specific type of visa that you want to request.

Choose the type of visa wisely

There are several visa categories, based on the purpose of your trip. There is the tourist and business visa, but there are also others such as a student visa, work visa, and others related exchange programs and investment, among more. Visa USA Now specializes in the tourist visa, which is also the most common. For example, if you´re traveling to the United States for an English learning program, you need to apply for the student visa, not the tourist visa. Remember that this year a Colombian citizen was denied entry to the United States because she stated that she was traveling to get an English learning program, and she had a tourist visa. If you´re accurate regarding the visa category you can avoid lots of trouble and confusion.

Fill out the form with extra care

Completing the DS-160 form is the first step in the process of applying to a nonimmigrant visa to the United States, without any exception. Even in the case of a family or group application, every applicant must fill out his or her own form. You´ll find the form at the embassy´s website. Keep in mind that you must fill out the form in English, but you can also find the translation to those questions online. If you fill out the form in Spanish or any other language, the application will automatically be invalidated.

Have your valid passport with you when you are filling out the form and, again, remember the purpose of your trip. If you make a mistake in that field you won´t be able to correct it and you will need to start a whole new application. Write the information carefully and memorize the answers since it´s likely that you´ll be asked about those answers in the interview.

We strongly suggest that you don´t lie, since the consequences of fraud are very severe. You will permanently lose the right to travel to the United States and you can even get some kind of judicial penalty. This means that if consular officials catch you in any kind of lie, like for example stating that you earn more than you do, your visa could be denied and you could be labeled as “ineligible” for the rest of your life. That´s why it´s very important that the answers in the interview match the answers you gave in the DS-160 form. Bring the papers that support that information with you, such as marriage certificates, work certificates, bank statements, etc.

You need to know where you´re going and what´s your travel itinerary. If you have relatives in the United States where you´ll be staying you must inform this to the Embassy since they probably already know this, and they´ll find it suspicious that you say you´ll be staying at a hotel.

It´s crucial that the visa applicants can clearly and coherently describe their travel plans, and that these individuals provide precise answers to all the oral and written questions. Inconsistent or incoherent answers will probably make the consular official think that the purpose of the trip is to stay permanently in the United States, or that the person doesn´t qualify for a visa.

Remember to mention the ties you have in Colombia

According to the US Embassy in Bogota, most of the nonimmigrant visa rejections come up because applicants cannot prove that they have enough family, social, economic, or other ties to Colombia. In other words, they want to make sure that you will return to Colombia in the established term or less. You could say that the USA doesn´t want any Colombians that have “nothing to lose”, in their territory, since they could easily stay permanently, as illegal immigrants. So if you have a current work contract with an organization, if you own property or attend a university, don´t forget to mention this in the interview.

Start the procedure in advance

The embassy suggests that anyone that is renewing his or her visa should do so many months before the document expires. If it´s the first time that you´re requesting a visa, begin the procedure at least three months before the date you have to travel. Avoid buying plane tickets before your visa is approved. Visit our homepage and we´ll guide you throughout the whole process. 98% of our clients get their visa approved!





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