I have tried to process a US tourist visa on several occasions, but the last few times authorities denied my applications. It´s quite vexing to go through this long process and to have a negative response provided through a glass window ultimately. However, several years ago, when I entered university and had studied for a period, I was able to get my visa approved. With this visa, I was able to live and study in the United States for some time. Ironically, After this visa expired, I requested it again. Nonetheless, they denied my permission a couple of times after that, which was even more frustrating.

I had always heard that if US authorities had approved my visa at least one time, then that was enough. I was sure that my next request was practically guaranteed. But that was not my case. I didn´t understand why the embassy kept getting rejecting my application, and at one moment, I felt I had arrived at a dead end.

Why me?

When these sorts of situations happen, people try to give some meaning to them. The fact of the matter was I made those subsequent visa requests about twelve or thirteen years after my first trip, and many things in my life had changed. One of those things was that I now had a wife and a three-year-old child. I also have my own business that sells and repairs computer parts. I am no longer in college or enrolled in any academic program.

This situation surfaced a lot of speculation from me and my relatives regarding the reason the embassy denied my last two visa applications. I started making up plausible reasons for my rejection, including the selection criteria of the embassy agents and their motivations. What I needed was professional advice.

The reason

I came to realize that the reason was much simpler than I thought in the first place, and it had to do with the context of my first trip. For that first trip I told you about, everything was different. I was part of a program, a learning exchange. A US citizen could come to India, and likewise, a citizen from India could go to study there. I made the most of that trip. Although I had to study very hard, I was able to get to know a large part of the country and enjoy absolute independence for the first time.

The drawback was that I made most trips at the end of my stay. During my trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, I lost track of time and could not arrive two hours in advance to the airport. I could not check in on time and had to postpone my flight for several hours. Unfortunately, the only available flight was at two in the morning the next day.

Guidance from Visa USA Now

I never thought that a two-hour delay could cause such a big problem. What happened was I had surpassed my deadline, even the 30 extra days my visa allowed me to stay in the country. So, in other words, that delay turned out to be catastrophic for my future visa applications. The thing is you can´t stay a minute longer than allowed. That could hurt how US immigration authorities interpret the use you gave your visa.

This was a setback that nobody ever showed out to me. But it was the reason why US authorities denied my request. Sometimes someone must guide you so you can better understand the problem you´re facing and ultimately overcome it. That´s why I started my visa process with Visa USA Now, and the embassy finally approved my visa. It was them that pointed out what was wrong with my application and why they kept refusing it. Now I have a better understanding of these matters. I will surely not make the same mistakes since Visa USA Now pointed me in the right direction.

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