If you are a citizen from El Salvador with interest in traveling to the United States of America, you´re probably wondering, do Salvadorans need a visa to go to the United States? Or, can Salvadorans travel to the United States without a visa? The answer is: yes, Salvadorans need a visa to travel to the United States.

Salvadorans who wish to visit the United States need to start the procedure in advance, and eventually, they should go to the US Embassy in San Salvador. It´s essential to specify the type of visa you need to apply for, so you must have absolute clarity on this. There is a wide range of visa categories available https://www.visausanow.com/blog/types-of-non-immigrant-visas-for-the-united-states/?lang=en, nonetheless, Visa USA Now specializes on the tourist visa procedure.

Tourists, business people, students, or skilled workers who wish to stay in the United States for a specified period, for specific purposes, need a nonimmigrant visa. According to US laws and regulations, most nonimmigrant visa applicants must demonstrate to the consular officer that they have strong ties to their country of residence, and must verify that they intend to leave the United States after their temporary stay. A person who wishes to travel to the United States to remain in the country must have a petition approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) before applying for an immigrant visa.

Whatever your case is, you will find the information regarding appointments, rates, and processing of your documentation; as well as the place you pick up of the visa once it is approved, at the US Embassy in El Salvador. The cost of processing your nonimmigrant visa application (tourism, business, education) is $ 160 that you can pay in cash at any branch of Banco Cuscatlán. You can print the payment form from the official website http://www.ustraveldocs.com/sv_en/sv-niv-paymentinfo.asp

The system also allows the online payment form for users that have the electronic banking service in that bank.

Then you must fill out the DS-160 form, where you will have to complete your personal information, the type of visa you are requesting, information on your passport, what your travel plans to the US are (dates, flight numbers, cities to visit, etc.), US contact (name, address, telephone, email). They will also ask about your occupation, education, and monthly income in dollars. You need to answer the form English, except for names or addresses. Nonetheless, you can only use characters from the English alphabet. The form can be found here: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/sv_es/sv-niv-paymentinfo.asp

You can schedule an appointment by telephone at 2113-3122. If you do it by phone, have your current passport, the DS-160 form confirmation and the reference of your bank payment (it is on the yellow receipt that the bank will give you).

If you want to make your appointment online, click here: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/sv_en/sv-niv-appointmentschedule.asp

You must provide an email and a password to create your profile. Then you must complete the "update profile" field before clicking on "schedule an appointment." You will also need the payment reference, the details of your passport and the confirmation of your DS-160 form.

There you can choose the day and time for your consular interview. Those who already had a visa and are exempt from the meeting must follow the same procedure regarding document delivery and fingerprint. The latter only applies for B1 / B2 visa holders with a valid visa for ten years that register multiple entries and have not had any inconvenience with their permission. The permit should not have expired more than 12 months ago. Start your visa procedure with Visa USA Now today.

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