Many questions come up when you´re in the process of applying for a visa to the United States. Especially since it´s a destination many people around the world travel to every year. As a matter of fact, this visa process can be very different for every person, for example, very easy for one person, and extremely complicated for another. Some of those frequent questions are ¿How do I get my visa approved? ¿What type of visa do I request? ¿If my permission was denied, should I request a visa again?

It´s essential to always tell the truth and to complete the form and interview procedure successfully if you really want that positive response. Many people tend to gather tons of documents to demonstrate that they will only be traveling as a tourist. Nevertheless, it´s essential to keep in mind that embassies don´t request that information. You only need to fill out the DS-160 form correctly and, make no mistake; the US probably knows all that information about you already. These are some questions we have received from our customers, and our team of immigration specialists provided the answers.

How do I fill out the form correctly? Is it better to get professional help?

The truth of the matter is, anyone can fill out the DS-160 form independently if they want to, nevertheless, you must keep in mind that this form is crucial for getting the visa. It shouldn´t have the slightest error because that could mean your permission being denied. Bottom line: best contact professional help like the one provided by Visa USA Now.

My visa was denied 7 years ago. How do I get the US to approve my permit if I have a brother that traveled to the States as a tourist and eventually stayed because he got married?

It´s been a lot of time, and it´s really not necessary to wait that long to apply again. If your brother is already a resident, then that means that you have a motive to travel to the country. You should reapply as soon as possible.

If I´m a student, is it true that it´s easier to get my visa approved if I travel with my family?

Yes, this is true. Family visas work better than individual permits in that particular case. If you´re a student that means you´re probably very young, so applying for a tourist visa would seem suspicious, unless someone declares and proves that he or she will be paying for your trip. If you apply to a family/group visa, you have better chances of getting a positive response.

Can I reapply to a tourist visa if they denied my application about a year ago?

Yes, you can reapply whenever you consider your conditions have changed. A year is plenty of time, and the fact that they denied your application in the past doesn´t mean you can´t reapply. The important thing is that you know why your visa got rejected in the first place and that you take the necessary measures to correct that issue. If you prepare yourself adequately and reapply correctly, with the guidance of professionals, then you´ll reach your objective.

But how can I prepare?

You have to have clarity on which are the standards the embassy or consulate the place you reside in has. Some of those parameters are proving enough economic, social, or family ties to the area you live in. Someone unemployed cannot quickly get a visa since having financial stability is essential. You don´t need to be productive; actually, many wealthy people don´t obtain a permit.

I plan to travel to the USA very soon, as a tourist. My sons are 3 and 5 years old, do they need to meet the same standards as an adult?

Your children don´t need to comply with the same requirements an adult does. For example, they usually don´t need to go to the embassy or consulate. There are only some rare exceptions, but you probably only need to take their passports to the embassy or office, and their visa will be approved.

I was deported from the US because my working visa expired. Now I want to apply for a tourist visa, is that possible? What to do in my case?

You can apply for a tourist visa, but you first need to get a Waiver or a special pardon that you need from the Department of State to remove you ineligibility, for having been deported. Once you get the waiver, the rest is easy.

Can I renovate my visa without having to go to the embassy or consulate?

If you have managed your visa well, there´s no need to go to the embassy or consulate again, nor to provide any additional documentation. The option you have is to leave your passport with DHL, and they take it to the government after you pay their fee. Once you finish the whole procedure, authorities will renovate your visa for 10 years.

I visited the USA and stayed longer than permitted. Then I requested a visa renovation, and it was denied. This was 9 years ago. Can I reapply?

You can reapply, but you need to meet certain conditions. The first thing you need to determine is how long you overstayed in the USA illegally. They probably approved for you to stay for 6 months at immigration control. If you overstayed for less than a year, then you get a 3-year penalty. If you overstayed for more than a year, then you get a harsh 10-year sentence before they can remove your ineligibility.

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